"We didn't have anything to lose" | Sebastian Vettel reacts to finishing 7th at the Spanish GP


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Sebastian Vettel joined us after the race to get his thoughts on his performance at the Spanish GP. Having finished 7th, Vettel was in a mixed mood after more confusion with the team instructions
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  • Mark Fuckaduck
    Mark Fuckaduck6 aylar önce


  • Joydratha Sarkar
    Joydratha Sarkar6 aylar önce

    I just want this man to thrive again

  • Andrew Christopher
    Andrew Christopher6 aylar önce

    Always believe in Seb. He saved his own race. Ferrari is really trying very hard to sabotage him. Seb deserves so much better!

  • Maheshwar Reddy
    Maheshwar Reddy6 aylar önce

    I was looking for this from seb

  • Valentin Kvashnin
    Valentin Kvashnin6 aylar önce

    Such a shame to be Ferrari fan now

  • marenello kart
    marenello kart6 aylar önce

    Was lucky webber was him team mate his winning years.

  • Diogo Pereira
    Diogo Pereira6 aylar önce

    100% Ferrari are trying make life difficult for him

  • yep yep
    yep yep6 aylar önce

    not gonna lie, i just clicked because of the thumbnail

  • Haziq Kamarulzaman
    Haziq Kamarulzaman6 aylar önce

    Giovinazzi in the background....as always

  • Muhd Fitri
    Muhd Fitri6 aylar önce

    poor vettel, only when charcles is out, then is when ferrari start to think about vettel strategy.

  • Fernand Hoffmann
    Fernand Hoffmann6 aylar önce

    Binoto out and he comes back next year, maybe😎cheers from luxembourg 🇱🇺

  • jussayin mipeece
    jussayin mipeece6 aylar önce

    i just cant imagine F1 without Seb to be honest. Lewis is my guy but i think SEb is a great human being and Ferrari will rot in hell for treating him so badly.

  • Feroz. C
    Feroz. C6 aylar önce

    If Ferrari can't make a proper face mask... How on earth do they make a proper car..

  • Peter Fowke
    Peter Fowke6 aylar önce

    Seb has done better in others races than in Spanish GP.

  • Blind the Rapper
    Blind the Rapper6 aylar önce

    Hey look, thats the Ferrari engineer!

  • Ankit Behera
    Ankit Behera6 aylar önce

    "It helped that we got lapped, to be honest"

  • Simo Costa
    Simo Costa6 aylar önce

    Binotto e i vari responsabili del reparto corse vanno tutti licenziati in tronco x totale incapacita’ a tutti i livelli (motoristi, aereodinamica, strategia in corsa etc...). Macchina imbarazzante la peggiore ferrari degli ultimi 20 anni! Penosi! La vs fortuna e’ che non ci sia piu’ marchionne altrimenti un bel calcio in culo a tutti! Stop.

  • B0Lt Clan
    B0Lt Clan6 aylar önce

    Honestly Ferrari have got mad karma . Treat seb like crap say all this about giving him a contract and don't give him one . Then karma hits and they make an awful F1 car

  • BarpTheWire
    BarpTheWire6 aylar önce

    "still much work to do on *my* side" ofc talking about his side of the garage

  • Jezza Clarkson
    Jezza Clarkson6 aylar önce

    Ferrari. Please fix this mask. There are some OCD F1 fans. Thank you.

  • Anders Holm
    Anders Holm6 aylar önce

    Ferrari’s face mask is just as terrible as the car 😎

  • SilverBerryB
    SilverBerryB6 aylar önce

    "told, well asked" that says it all

  • A Realmz
    A Realmz6 aylar önce

    Ferrari have ruined Sebastian. Ferrari give u 5 sec of fame

    ALEXANDER ALOYSIUS6 aylar önce

    Seb Please jumb back to redbull ...

    TALISMAN0286 aylar önce

    Over 30 laps, in soft tires. Even Max would think twice about that (iirc he used medium in 2018 Russian GP in the same race condition)

  • B
    B6 aylar önce

    Vettel is a one man team at this point.

  • Larry Guerra
    Larry Guerra6 aylar önce

    Never been a fan of Vettel, but the way he's being treated and atrocious and disrespectul

  • d2ygn
    d2ygn6 aylar önce

    Even the mask that Ferrari gave to vettel is crap

  • Arkmed Harawa
    Arkmed Harawa6 aylar önce

    Not a good a season but I hope it ends well for him and the team

  • Mubbasher Niaz
    Mubbasher Niaz6 aylar önce

    It’s such a bitter sweet thing that seb is leaving Ferrari, obviously he is going but because of that he’s so open about the struggles that otherwise he might be inclined not to share! Great insight into what F1 drivers sometimes want to say but have to hold off

  • Shiro Yasha
    Shiro Yasha6 aylar önce

    vettel becoming his own strategist, mechanic, and soon his own pit crew

  • Harold Bowden
    Harold Bowden6 aylar önce

    My favourite German a class act.

  • Antoninus Pius
    Antoninus Pius6 aylar önce

    Thanks for this really "brilliant" position week.....👎

  • Andres Rocha
    Andres Rocha6 aylar önce

    Such a gentleman and talented and experienced mature driver. Shame that English ex drivers and commentators want him to retire. He still has a lot wins to claim with Aston Martin

  • Annoyingnerds
    Annoyingnerds6 aylar önce

    That "mwoah" big raikkonen vibe

  • Fasha
    Fasha6 aylar önce

    I hope Seb will be in 2021 with a team that will offer him comfort and stability. I hope he will not leave like Nico Rosberg did.

  • Lorenz Glotzbach
    Lorenz Glotzbach6 aylar önce

    Sebastian adjusted 10 times his mask in this video.

  • 075 Chinmay peri
    075 Chinmay peri6 aylar önce

    He lost his mojo

  • Vlado Binev
    Vlado Binev6 aylar önce

    1:18 "Bwoah"

  • Martin Sionberg
    Martin Sionberg6 aylar önce

    That "MWOAH" from Kimi 1:18

  • chakranshu yadav
    chakranshu yadav6 aylar önce

    Why Stroll is always behind Seb with towel.. Waiting for his turn for bath in Hostel bathroom..😂😂

  • Jackson Smith
    Jackson Smith6 aylar önce

    If seb retires he better be hired as a strategist

  • Rj Blitz
    Rj Blitz6 aylar önce

    Seb will be changing the tires himself in the pit stop next race.

  • Pierre-Andre Mbala
    Pierre-Andre Mbala6 aylar önce

    I don't like seeing him like this

  • ericchoi1019
    ericchoi10196 aylar önce

    amazing job done!!!

  • Wise Man
    Wise Man6 aylar önce

    At least give the man a Mask that fits his face , damn Ferrari.

  • nettlecider
    nettlecider6 aylar önce

    Being lapped helped.. not always the case but today it was.. Bruh, Seb, please spare us

  • Lightening McQueen
    Lightening McQueen6 aylar önce

    He did a good job though. Sad to see his car not so fast this year.

  • dark legion
    dark legion6 aylar önce

    Ferrari is a joke

  • NoTrespassingCRO
    NoTrespassingCRO6 aylar önce

    1:18 Kimi intensifies

  • World Traveller
    World Traveller6 aylar önce

    He touched his face or mask 14 times in 1m34s...

  • Hans Hartfiel
    Hans Hartfiel6 aylar önce

    The sooner he leaves that flucking FIAT team the better for him.

  • Nico W
    Nico W6 aylar önce

    Only tears now

  • facedrill pie
    facedrill pie6 aylar önce

    Mercedes strategist playing chess while Ferrari strategist playing duck duck goose

  • JackFogos
    JackFogos6 aylar önce

    1:18 MWOAH ... Kimi is that you?

  • D. T. Dash
    D. T. Dash6 aylar önce

    Please Leave Ferrari....They don't Deserve U

  • Zero Tolerance Media
    Zero Tolerance Media6 aylar önce

    I wonder if Ferrari have questioned the importance of legitimate strategists, yet?

  • Gabriel Karoma
    Gabriel Karoma6 aylar önce

    Even their mask now designed only for Charles.

  • Sir Digby Fafont Bittocks
    Sir Digby Fafont Bittocks6 aylar önce

    Seb is a good guy - I hope he gets a drive next season

  • It's a Facility Now
    It's a Facility Now6 aylar önce

    I am surprised Ferrari still racing. They should spend their time strolling in the park.

  • Alan Jackson
    Alan Jackson6 aylar önce

    I really hope that you get a seat at Race point for next season... Then kick dime Ferrari arse!

  • A. Iqbal
    A. Iqbal6 aylar önce

    40 laps on soft tyres!! LOL. Ferrari is crazy! What the hell happened to their strategists?!

  • Joseph Griffiths
    Joseph Griffiths6 aylar önce

    With the thumbnail of this video I though the title was going to be "Sebastian Vettel and his race engineer discuss Spanish GP"

  • Bert Jia Jun
    Bert Jia Jun6 aylar önce

    Ferrari dosent deserve vettel but vettel definitely deserves F1

    JOEL GEORGE6 aylar önce

    Even the mask is made only in Leclerc size.

  • MCLSF16
    MCLSF166 aylar önce

    Dutch F1 apps have said that Vettel will sign a 15 million contract with Aston Martin in spa

  • G1
    G16 aylar önce

    Ferrari suck

  • Murtza Fraz
    Murtza Fraz6 aylar önce

    You can sense his pain through his words. A boy who grew up watching his idol Schumacher in Scarlet Red and that same team has literally destroyed him. He is still struggling, He is still putting out performance, He is an absolute brilliant man. Much respect Sebastian.

  • Spiffy Tuber
    Spiffy Tuber6 aylar önce

    Ferrari needs to clean house and stop discriminating against people not Italian because the talent isn’t there apparently

  • Mohammed Rafy
    Mohammed Rafy6 aylar önce


  • ravindrasalvi
    ravindrasalvi6 aylar önce

    This harry Potter is a big joke bring back arrivabane

  • Matteo Bagni
    Matteo Bagni6 aylar önce

    "it helped that we got lapped" what Ferrari managed to do to a four time world champion is incredible.

  • D Dhillon
    D Dhillon6 aylar önce

    Whoever Ferrari's strategist is. They should of been fired a long time ago. I'm sure Vettel making silly mistakes when challenging for the championship in 2017 and 2018 was to do with him having too much to think about whilst driving the car also.

  • Kong Yaw Ng
    Kong Yaw Ng6 aylar önce

    what is that lady's role who's always recording Vettel's comments at every interview?

  • Flori FPV

    Flori FPV

    6 aylar önce

    @Kong Yaw Ng trloft.info/watch/3Jag3MWoeoKmotk/video.html

  • Kong Yaw Ng

    Kong Yaw Ng

    6 aylar önce

    @Flori FPV Thanks mate. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what her role was.

  • Flori FPV

    Flori FPV

    6 aylar önce

    Thats his personal press secretary Britta Roeske. She is directly hired by Sebastian Vettel. Michael Schumacher did the same thing with Sabine Kehm

  • mikeesteele
    mikeesteele6 aylar önce

    "Multi 21 seb" 😁 (ughhhhh so sweet).

  • strings gb
    strings gb6 aylar önce

    Wish seb all the best. Shame to see him like this

  • yo yo
    yo yo6 aylar önce

    Just a guess but : Ferrari's plan : Seb's gonna leave ferrari , but what if he joins a team much better than current ferrari like aston martin ... Ferrari would be in a much worse situation ... So , if seb is leaving , why not make him look worse so that other teams won't take him ... This way , ferrari can at least manage top 5

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues6 aylar önce

    The German anthem in background as Seb talks 🇩🇪🇩🇪

  • Moto Z Play
    Moto Z Play6 aylar önce

    How did the strategists get their jobs? Embarrassing. They should all be fired.

  • Mridul Dubey
    Mridul Dubey6 aylar önce


  • Jignesh Solanki
    Jignesh Solanki6 aylar önce

    Only if he had the same strategist as lewis he could have surely won 1 title

  • Lood Kanster
    Lood Kanster6 aylar önce

    40laps on mediums amazing

  • Arman Lazarte
    Arman Lazarte6 aylar önce

    Next challenge: Hypersoft tyres for 55 laps

  • Myung Eun Park
    Myung Eun Park6 aylar önce

    We are happy for you seb. We are happy for you

  • Hell Nah
    Hell Nah6 aylar önce

    Why did they get rid of Arrivabene again? To challenge for the title? Seems like Binotto's taking the team in the other direction

  • Jaiden P
    Jaiden P6 aylar önce

    Enzo would hate to see a Ferrari driver like this

  • Lington Daniel
    Lington Daniel6 aylar önce

    How will Vettel look in Pink or Green?

  • lawrence
    lawrence6 aylar önce

    mwoah 1:18

  • labcoent co
    labcoent co6 aylar önce

    He's overachieving

  • Shezz Naidoo
    Shezz Naidoo6 aylar önce

    Stay tuned for next race he will be changing his own tyres

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee6 aylar önce

    1:17 mwoah

  • lange71 krakapoi
    lange71 krakapoi6 aylar önce

    Seb ..charles is out..call us when race is finished ....we send someone to pick you up !

  • Blastoid2736
    Blastoid27366 aylar önce

    Binotto needs to step down to his former position or consider joining Williams coz the guy is useless

  • la Putin
    la Putin6 aylar önce

    I am one good driver, but really I could never talk so much and plan my strategy at the same time while driving a 300kph car, with so many things to do in car itself. Even if they call Hamilton the greatest, Vettel will still be my fav driver!

  • Magdiel Reyes
    Magdiel Reyes6 aylar önce

    Sebs race engineer has five brain cells and four of them are trying to figure out what the buttons do.

  • Sachindra Mihindukula
    Sachindra Mihindukula6 aylar önce

    If Lewis Hamilton signed with Ferrari they can't get a race win...very slow car in straight...such a shame what happened to Ferrari

  • Rob H
    Rob H6 aylar önce

    The split screen with 2 Sebastian's isn't a graphics issue, Its Ferraris number 2 driver and Ferraris #1 strategist.

  • ANT Man
    ANT Man6 aylar önce

    Idk whoever those madafaka names, those brainless idiot Ferrari's boss and his comedian engineers should get out of the team. They are such a disease to me. Good race Seb5

  • Dave Day
    Dave Day6 aylar önce

    Come on F1, don't just go through the motions. Make a mask that WORKS.

  • Ciao Lecrack
    Ciao Lecrack6 aylar önce

    I fear the worst for future Ferrari drivers unless they are going to restructure the whole management.